Ongoing projects

SOLID – a program to strengthen whistleblower’s protection

Public awareness of the role of integrity warners (whistleblowers) in Romanian society and strengthening this role by creating an effective protection system, in collaboration with state institutions and the private sector.

Piloting Equality Data Collection in Criminal Justice Systems across EU

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the need for and feasibility of equality data collection which contributes to interventions that address direct and indirect discrimination against ethnic minorities and migrants.

From law to practice: Strengthening procedural rights in police custody

Improving procedural rights in police stations by promoting and sharing best practices at European level

Fighting unconscious bias and discrimination of Roma people in the criminal justice system

APADOR-CH is currently working on a two years project (2018-2020), to improve the awareness and understanding of the ways in which key decisions made by criminal justice professionals might result in discriminatory outcomes for Roma suspects and defendants.

New Decade, Old Challenges: Civic Space in Hungary, Poland and Romania

Micșorarea spațiului civic de exprimare și/sau acțiune în unele țări din Europa, cu precădere cele din est, face obiectul unui proiect derulat în perioada 2019-2020 în Ungaria, Polonia și România, cu finanțare de la National Endowment for Democracy.