Monitoring visits in prisons

Raport despre vizita în Penitenciarul Craiova – 23 aprilie 2021

Condiții de deținere în Penitenciarul Craiova, hrană, supaaglomerare, Covid 19, testări, vaccinare, asistență medicală.

Raport despre vizita în Penitenciarul Timișoara – 21 aprilie 2021

Condiții de deținere în perioada 2020-2021 în Penitenciarul Timișoara, testări Covid 19, vaccinare deținuți, asistență medicală, muncă și contactul cu familia.

Mesajul APADOR-CH către ANP în cazul Satu Mare

Scrisoare deschisă către Administrația Națională a Penitenciarelor, în legătură cu gestionarea situației speciale din penitenciare, în contextul pandemiei și a incidentului de la Satu Mare.

Cazul Lepa, mort în penitenciarul Timișoara

APADOR-CH a făcut câteva solicitări de informații publice în cazul deținutului Marcel Lepa, evadat, capturat și apoi decedat la data de 10 iunie 2019, în Penitenciarul Timişoara

Report on the visit of the Miercurea Ciuc Closed Regime Penitentiary

the penitentiary must take immediate measures to solve the issue of not having a general practitioner permanent on-site.

Report on the visit of the Craiova Penitentiary

APADOR-CH appreciates the visible improvements made by the prison management since our last visit in 2014 and the fact that they try to make the space visually appealing by painting the buildings in blue and white, putting flowers in the sections and the overall cleanliness of the prison.

Analysis of the implementation of the infrastructure measures of the action plan pertaining to the ECHR judgement in the case REZMIVEȘ and others v. ROMANIA

In the penitentiary system, despite the important releases of the past two years, the overcrowding continues to exceed the detention capacity. Investments in the modernization of existing premises or in creating new ones are at this moment lacking taking into consideration its necessary amplitude in order to see a considerable improvement.

Report on the visit of the Târgu-Jiu Penitentiary

We recommend that the prison management and the Romanian Prison Administration Authority find urgent solutions to reduce the number of detainees in some rooms.

Report on the APADOR-CH visit at Galați maximum security penitentiary

The administration’s efforts to stop drug and phone trafficking – which is said to have been happening at a large scale before 2017- are understandable and appreciated. However, some decisions seem to be adopted as to make detention even harder for the inmates, acting as in corpore punishment, besides the already poor conditions.

Report on the APADOR – CH visit at the Giurgiu Penitentiary

The Association recommends that the Romanian Prison Administration undertake more efforts to hire qualified personnel, to decrease the staff deficits of doctors, psychologists, social workers, teachers, and essential care personnel for treating illnesses which exacerbate under conditions of imprisonment (especially mental health conditions).