Special reports

Statutul avertizorului de integritate în România

Raport de cercetare calitativă privind avertizarea de integritate  în România și statutul avertizorului.   

A Response to the European Commission Consultation on Rule of Law in the EU

This contribution is a response to the European Commission’s consultation feed into its first Annual Rule of Law Report.

Analysis of the implementation of the infrastructure measures of the action plan pertaining to the ECHR judgement in the case REZMIVEȘ and others v. ROMANIA

In the penitentiary system, despite the important releases of the past two years, the overcrowding continues to exceed the detention capacity. Investments in the modernization of existing premises or in creating new ones are at this moment lacking taking into consideration its necessary amplitude in order to see a considerable improvement.

Implementation of the European Arrest Warrant: dysfunctionalities and bureaucracy

Raportul APADOR-CH privind implementarea Mandatului European de Arestare – interviuri cu peste 20 de deținuți din patru penitenciare din țară

Inside Police Custody: Application of EU Procedural Rights

Aplicarea directivelor UE privind drepturile procedurale în cadrul procesului penal – cercetare în 9 țări europene printre care și România

Raport privind exproprierile abuzive din satul Runcurel

Sătenii din Runcurel, Gorj, își văd gospodăriile înghițite de minele de lignit din jur, dar guvernul se face că nu știe de existența caselor lor, și-i despăgubește numai pentru terenurile agricole.

Is pre-trial detention used as last resort measure in Romania?

Pre-trial detention in Romania is applied significantly more often than other alternative preventive measures. 70% of lawyers surveyed have encountered pre-trial detention being ordered on unlawful grounds – Romania Helsinki Commitee

Raportul Mineriada 1990

Mineriada din iunie 1990, raport întocmit de APADOR-CH – document istoric despre manifestațiile din Piața Universității și represiunile la adresa protestatarilor. Mărturii calde despre un eveniment rămas încă neinvestigat în România.

APADOR-CH 25 years report

Raportul de activitate al APADOR-CH din perioada 1990-2015

APADOR-CH Report on Police Abuse against Roma Citizens in Racoș, Brașov County

According to the Roma, the police had beaten over 40 people only in this community. The abuse allegedly started 3-4 years before, when the squad led by chief Dan Ciucu was appointed to the commune after policing a neighboring village where they had several conflicts with the Roma population. This is why the Racoș Roma believed the policemen were taking their revenge on them.